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Customer notice – A46 road closure

4th JAN 21 – MARCH 21

Route 3, 3a

All stops will advance 20 mins from the current timetable to allow the buses to follow the diverted route and the traffic back log that will be caused in the areas affected, it will be a difficult start but we expect the traffic to improve after the first week

Route 4

Please note this will also affect all stops on London Rd i.e. Brimscombe, BSM Garage etc.

Toads Moor Hill will pick up time will alter to 0710 am and will be on the opposite side of the road pointing up hill.

The rest of Chalford hill and Thomas Keeble etc will operate as normal time table but the bus will have a diverted route to schools

Brockworth – Unaffected, normal time table

This time table will remain in place until the A46 is reopened in March 2021, please make sure you use your normal stops as this is how we have planned numbers to keep the minimum disruption possible. If you have any questions please email us at