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COVID 19 Statement

To All our customers,

Many people are asking what now and what happens next? We hope to address some of your questions in this statement, we understand the panic reaction of people as we enter these strange and uncertain times. It is fortunate that the Government has moved quickly to help people with wages so that wide spread unemployment should not happen now.

For us, well we are remaining open and fully staffed and with this in mind we will incur all of the costs and overheads that our infrastructure incurs and consumes.

KEY WORKERS + The Government has asked us to provide to schools that are open for you so we intend to run a service for those who require this and anyone else who needs to get children to school for this period, We are asking anyone who needs transport to get in touch with us ASAP so we can get this up and running.

As we are not suspending school services and as such will require parents to keep the payments ie direct debits in place in order to keep their seats for when school returns as this is an annual contract and not a monthly ticket. If payments are broken or cancelled then your seat will also be cancelled a long with your seat guarantee and you will have to re-register for September 2020. So we urge you not to do this and take this advice into account.

PAYMENT TERMS To Explain this decision a little further all our planning and costs investments such as vehicle finance, insurance, renting of depot and staff are all calculated over each 12 month period and a lot of these items have already been paid for and continue to do so are not able to just take a payment break, so I have included a ticket break down for you below so you can see people have already had more transport than they have paid for in real terms and this is why cancelling a direct debit means your account would be in arrears. (please see the example at the bottom of this statement )

KEEPING ON TOP OF INFORMATION – We will be updating our website information regularly but we ask you to follow us on twitter, as many of you already do, if you are not on twitter you can still see the information on our website by clicking LIVE UPDATE but you won’t get the alerts!


Twitter is completely free and we use this as a broadcast system only and if you wish to ask any questions then please email us or call us and we be happy to help as always.

We wish everyone the very best in what is going to be testing times, stay safe and stay well and we hope to see you all very soon.


Darren, Debbie and the IGOBUS Team.

Before the boring technical bit I just want to say a huge thank you to our customers that have emailed us their support and understanding of what we are having to do, we are overwhelmed by your support and we endeavour to get back to normal as soon as schools do – Thank you so much!

Payment breakdown explained


A ticket costing £1,440 per annum breaks down over 12 payments like this, and as you can see the actual use to ticket price changes with the months and at this point in time every account is in arrears until the end of the year.

MONTH          ACTUAL USE             PAYMENT

SEP                 £172.50                     £120.00

OCT                £127.50                     £120.00

NOV               £150.00                     £120.00

DEC                £112.50                     £120.00

JAN                £142.50                     £120.00

FEB                  £112.50                    £120.00

MAR               £165.00                     £120.00

APR                £90.00                       £120.00

MAY               £112.50                      £120.00

JUN                £157.50                     £120.00

JUL                 £97.50                      £120.00

AUG               £0                              £120.00

I hope this explains why we are not able to offer payment breaks at this time and that this is why it is an annual contract with us and not a monthly one, your agreement with us covers the overall cost of the year and not any one calendar month.